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Our company produces pipes with Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating. We are ready to supply welded pipes of different diameters 21-108 mm under European standards. Also we make integrated supplies of metal goods and stop valve.

Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating

Unique Ecologically Clean Technology

The process of thermo-diffusion zinc coating is supplied an effective corrosion protection of different articles, including screwed, made from steel and cast iron and working on opened air, in industrial and marine atmosphere — in any place where the required thickness of coating is more than 20 microns. The coating is uniform and does not require additional mechanical treatment like a padding surface preparation to coloring, gumming and other coverings. The coating provides a full protection for iron-based sintered parts.

The thermal diffusion zinc coating has a number of essential advantages:

  • A high corrosive resistance;
  • Coating follows exactly to item’s shape with all its particular details (threads, marks, and other delicate relief of item’s surface);
  • This technology excels other methods of zinc coating in hardness and resistance to an abrasive wear (till 1500 hours in salt spray chamber);
  • The temperature of saturation is not particularly high; therefore, the coating can be applied on spring-type and other preliminary heat-treated items;
  • The process allows coating of items produced by a powder technology, iron-based sintered parts (without previous impregnation), as well as welded and pre-assembled movable items;
  • The technology allows to coat items with a minimal pretreatment of surface before coating. Spots of rust, rests of grease, and oiling cooling agent on the surface of details do not prevent a homogenous coating;
  • The process does not cause to a liquid and solid waste, which requires further neutralization or burial;
  • The thickness of coating varies within 15 to 80 micron.

The structure of upper layer of metal and defensive thermal diffusion zinc coating


  1. Steel base
  2. Solid solution Zn in Fe
  3. Fe11Zn40 zinc rich layer
  4. FeZn7
  5. FeZn7 + Zn

The coating is variable structure of zinc-iron, generally FeZn7. The density of this phase is 7,2 cm3, micro hardness is app. 4500 MPa


Comparison Between Methods of Zinc Coating


Photo of the tested standards upon termination of test

goryachee_cinkovHot zinc

galv_pokritieElectrolytic zinc

termodif_cink_pokrthermal diffusion zinc




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